Anal Beads & Butt Plugs

Superb design skill and under-one-roof manufacturing capacity in Meetvibrators help various types of clients increase revenue and brand loyalty, as we have the technique to produce a male-pro anal product based on accumulative user reviews and tests.

Satisfying End Users With Optimal Anal Toys

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    To increase the pleasure delivered by our anal beads and butt plugs, rumble motors are installed for added vibration in every bead. Adjustable vibration levels provide the right amount of excitement in each use, providing your customers a satisfying experience.

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    Our line of anal beads and butt plugs are made with waterproof silicone material, allowing for easy cleanup and sanitation. The durable silicone material also effectively protects the internal parts from water and moisture that can cause damage to the product.

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    Whisper Quiet

    Give your customers a smoother and pleasurable experience with every use of Meetvibrators’s line of anal beads and butt plugs. Thanks to the smooth running motors within the toys, less noise is generated, allowing the focus to be on the moment.

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    The simple yet ergonomic design of our butt plugs and anal beads deliver bursts of pleasure with each section, creating memorable experiences every time to your customers.

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    Various function adjusts several features of the product to suit the end user’s pleasure. They can manage how these anal beads and butt plugs vibrate and move for maximum pleasure by easy-to-operate tap.

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    We only use materials tested and selected to be safe for continuous use, such as medical-grade and food-grade silicone or medical silica gel for external materials, and various silica gels for components

Why Customize Anal Beads & Butt Plugs in Meetvibrators

  • Product Design
  • Colors
  • Special Features
  • Function Modes
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Product Design


Start creating your anal beads and butt plugs with unique yet functional designs with Meetvibrators.

Our dedicated team of expert designers can translate your designs into reality. Every part of the product is customizable: from the shape of the beads and the strip connecting them to the handle at the end. You can dictate how to bring out your brand.

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Provide your customers with fresh and exciting products with vibrant colors from our line of color combinations that work perfectly with anal beads and butt plugs.

For a more distinct look, you can also opt to create a unique color palette that complements the distinct branding you have. Trust Meetvibrators to deliver long-lasting colors to your products.

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Special Features


Deliver a new level of excitement to your target market by adding new and exciting features on your anal beads and butt plugs.

Including vibration features extends the pleasure for your customers when using the product, while having the option to remotely adjust settings via a downloadable app on smartphones provide an exciting spin on the typical sex toy.

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Function Modes


Spice up the standard butt plug and anal bead with additional function modes, attracting your customers with interesting innovations.

Different levels of vibration, along with functions like thrust, pulse and a timer, could provide your end users with a heightened level of pleasure with each use. Increased functionality also leads to more satisfied customers recommending your products to others.

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Thinking User Experience to Its Fullest

As the toys for men’s internal use, anal beads and butt plugs, stimulate the perineal part of the prostate, we make sure these toys can easily enter but not slide in—all in case the toys are left in the body.

Dedicated to developing products popular and functional, our designers conduct a large amount of market product data research, and collect from our clients their feedback on product usage pain points of their end users.

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The Hotest Anal Beads & Butt Plugs Collections

Lauching market-oriented designs, Meetvibrators produces functional and fascinating products of self-owned designs, with more than 15 pieces per quarter.

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Design Your Anal Beads & Butt Plugs

  • 1 Send us your idea
  • 2 You review the design
  • 3 You get a sample

Our team of experienced and expert designers goes through your design documents, understanding what you want to deliver and use their talents to translate these demands into unique yet useful designs.

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After completing the design based on your preferred specifications, this is forwarded to you for review, giving room to make important changes to the design. Changes are then applied to the design until it is finalized.

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Once the design is agreed on by both parties, we proceed to creating samples that are then sent to you so you can check and ensure they meet your standards. It is then we go full-swing into production.

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A Leading Chinese Brand in Manufacturing Anal Beads & Butt Plugs

With partners among research institutions and a commitment to continuous R&D, Meetvibrators is your manufacturer of choice to deliver reliable and competitive anal beads and butt plugs.

Working on the adult sex toy industry for the past 6 years, we are well-equipped to handle your demands with superior standards.

Our modern production facility, strong design and development capacities, and highly-qualified staff are dedicated to meet and exceed your expectations.

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