Rabbit Vibrators

Known as a Chinese producer in rabbit vibrator, Meetvibrators is where meets function and design, giving the optimal choice for the enterprises small or large.
With strong capabilities in design and production, Meetvibrators can provide you user-focused line of rabbit vibrators that create provocative possibility for the best vibe experience ever. Working with a factory like us with full service will benefit you from wide customer recognition to the rabbit vibrators of your-logo.

Satisfying End Users With Optimal Rabbit Vibrator

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    Meetvibrators rabbit vibrators can send a wave of string stimulation to the g-spot and clitoris. With various different speed settings, we enhance your customers’ pleasurable experience to drive your brand.

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    Our extensive custom options include different degrees of waterproof rating for our rabbit vibrators that consist of IPX4, IPX6, and IPX7. The waterproof design of our rabbit vibrators allows anyone to use it in the water.

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    Whisper Quiet

    As our rabbit vibrators deliver intense vibration to the sensual areas, generating only 50dB of sound. The quiet stimulation allows anyone to avoid disturbing others while playing with our naughty rabbit vibrators.

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    We take into account the natural curvature of the hand for a better grip on rabbit vibrator. Comfortable user expeirence allow your customers to enjoy our rabbit vibrators for a long time.

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    Bring customers’ pleasure trip to the next level by various functions, like bendable,rotatable and sucking. You can include vibration frequency, speed, and other functions to the rabbit vibrator of your logo that increase customer loyalty.

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    Safety is as important as the alluring pleasure for user experience. All of our quality rabbit vibrators are made from high-performance food-grade silicone or medical silica gel that is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Why Customize Rabbit Vibrators in Meetvibrators

  • Product Design
  • Colors
  • Special Features
  • Function Modes
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Product Design


Break into the market with your unique rabbit vibrator design, with an eye-catching shape and captivating size.

We offer an incredible number of options to bring your idea to life such as the pattern and form of your sex toy. With the help of our experienced designers, we can assist you with conceptualizing a rabbit toy to attract your target demographic.


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Unlock the kink among your customers through our extensive line of color options for our rabbit vibrator.

With a superior color palette, you can persuade various personalities and demographics to bring home our luscious sex toy for a memorable night. From vibrant pink to teasing flesh tones, our designers can bring out the best color range for your custom rabbit vibrator.


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Special Features


Generate a buzz around your rabbit vibrator by incorporating the latest features from our sensual factory.

We can incorporate a variety of materials to your sex toys such as latex that adapts to body temperature immediately. Use our custom options to achieve an incredible word-of-mouth marketing campaign that will leave an impression on your target customers and increase brand awareness.


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Function Modes


Our rabbit vibrator’s ODM/OEM function modes can create a sensual experience among your customers, helping you connect with their kinks and guilty pleasures.

Meetvibrators has various kinds of vibrations and other features that will make your customer feels like actual fingers are stimulating their special places. Bring your customers to pleasurable heights with our wide range of function modes and they will keep coming back.


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Thinking User Experience to Its Fullest

To build a rabbit vibrator with ergonomic design, our designers exert their efforts in creating the best possible form and vibration of the product that will efficiently stimulate a whole region of the body. .

During the product design process, we need to consider the shape of the shaft, external vibration, internal vibration, shaft movement, the shape of the stimulation nub, etc. based on customer feedback. In addition, our market team conducts a large number of market product surveys and collects feedback from our clients on the pain points of their end users.

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The Hotest Rabbit Vibrators Collections

Lauching market-oriented designs, Meetvibrators produces functional and fascinating products of self-owned designs, with more than 15 pieces per quarter.

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Design Your Rabbit Vibrators

  • 1 Send us your idea
  • 2 You review the design
  • 3 You get a sample

Bring us your unique design and our experienced team of designers will go through your documents. We can easily translate your specifications into an achievable design that fits your budget and attract your target demographic.

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After working with you on bringing your concept to life, we send you the initial design for you to review before we proceed to create a rough sample of your rabbit vibrator. You are free to include any modifications to your sex toy when needed.

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Our manufacturing team will create a sample of your custom rabbit vibrator, allowing you to review the finalized project and add any changes to your design before we move to mass-producing pleasurable rabbits for your customers.

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A Leading Chinese Brand in Manufacturing Rabbit Vibrators

When it comes to experience in creating a playful and sensual sex toy for the masses, we are setting the standards among other rabbit vibrator manufacturers with more than 6 years in the industry.

Meetvibrators wide factory area of 4,000 square meters and 3 production lines translates to 20,000 pieces of production capacity each month. Be our partner in taking your customers to the erogenous zone and you will see a rise in your profit margin.

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