G Spot Vibrators

Excellent as a professional G spot vibrator manufacturer, Meetvibrators can supply a wide product line of G spot vibrator to customers worldwide, with cost-effective solution.

As customers ranging from brand owners to wholesalers may need g spot vibrators in-stock or custom, experience and resources enable us to offer quality vibrator, meeting with the ergonomics design and high-performing function.

Satisfying End Users With Optimal G Spot Vibrator

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    Our G-spot vibrators deliver an intense rumble to the sensitive anterior wall of their genitals with a simple tap of the button. The tipped end of our delicious toy allows for a pinpoint stimulation to the g-spot for intense pleasure.

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    With waterproof ratings like IPX4, IPX6, IPX7, all of our g-spot vibrators protect the inner component from moisture. With the waterproof quality, users can enjoy our vibrators in the bath, spa, shower, or any wet play areas.

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    Whisper Quiet

    Given the powerful vibration capabilities of our g-spot vibrators, our stimulation stick is as quiet as a mouse with sound levels as low as 50dB. Anyone can achieve intense passion in private with our g-spot vibrators.

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    We incorporate a shape that easily fits into the palm of most people to our vibrators. Handling all of our g-spot vibrators and will not cause discomfort when holding our toy for a long time.

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    Various vibration levels and frequencies available. Adaptable functions, such as bendable, rotatable and sucking unique to your g-spot vibrators help you build your brand among your target demographic.

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    We only use food-grade silicone or medical silica gel, a non-toxic material with RoHs compliant, for all g-spot vibrators. This material allows customers to enjoy your toy to its full extent without worrying about their safety or health.

Why Customize G-Spot Vibrators in Meetvibrators

  • Product Design
  • Colors
  • Special Features
  • Function Modes

Product Design

Whatever product thickness, hardness or curve requirements you have, Meetvibrators is capable of making the design that will help you stand out in the adult product market.

We take into account the beautiful appearance, ergonomics, and stimulation point that your target demographic expects for their g-spot vibrators. Our team can help elevate your design to send your customers to cloud 9, helping you drive your brand.


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Thanks to rich experience in designing and full understanding of market needs, Meetvibrators can give you professional advice in color selection while considering the customer preferences in your target market.

We can incorporate various shades of black, pink, and purple to your toy as well as different types of skin tones.  Play to your customers’ kinks with the various custom options available with our g-spot vibratorsand see the difference in your profit margins.


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special function

Meetvibrators can stimulate your customers in your unique way with our comprehensive special features.

To elaborate, our g-spot vibrators can have textured surfaces, including waves and bumps that will stimulate and tickle genital walls.

We can also add a rotating head on the tip of our g-spot vibrator to give customers that extra push to getting off and referring friends to your business.


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Functional mode

Give the right amount of stimulation to your customers’ sensitive parts with our comprehensive function modes. With advanced electronic technology, we can set up different frequencies and various speed settings for the g-spot vibrators based on your performance requirements.

Create a new experience to your customers each time they use our functional g-spot stimulator, boosting your return purchase rates within your target market.


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Thinking User Experience to Its Fullest

A perfect G-spot vibrator decides on how it can quickly and accurately locate the G-spot and provide direct stimulation, thus its shape and motion have an effect on its ergonomic design.

brainstorm useful design ideas and allow them to translate those ideas into reality. Ever since our G-vibrators were put on the market, they have been receiving great feedback.

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The Hotest G Spot Vibrators Collections

Lauching market-oriented designs, Meetvibrators produces functional and fascinating products of self-owned designs, with more than 15 pieces per quarter.

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Design Your G Spot Vibrators

  • Send us your idea
  • You review the design
  • You get a sample

Provide a concept, drawing, or a rough sketch of the g-spot vibrator you have in mind. We also have a team of designers who can come up with an idea for your sex toy base on your specifications.

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Our designers with more than 10 years of experience will send you the final concept of your g-spot vibrator for review. You can add modifications to the design before we proceed to create a sample of your adult product.

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We send you a sample base on sheet-required performance, helping you make the decision on whether to proceed to mass production or make any modifications.

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A Leading Chinese Brand in Manufacturing G Spot Vibrators

We are a reliable custom sex toy manufacturer with designers that have more than 6 years of experience. Our concepts helped us win the German Red Dot Award.

Meetvibrators engineers are capable of creating circuit boards that add unique functions to your g-spot vibrator, as they communicate and teamwork with the domestic institutes for improving production techniques.

With lean manufacturing, Meetvibrators product capacity can reach 80,000 pieces per month. Our advanced equipment streamlines our sex toy manufacturing capability.

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Boost Your Business With Unique Sex Toys

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